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Take an Action Make an Impact

“Take an Action Make an Impact” – the TIA Innovation is seeking young personalities who are impactful and tech enabled – basically, young leaders around the globe.

This is a social service carried out in conjunction with the 17 objectives of the United Nations (UN). Most innovative solutions offered by young entrepreneurs are not given the recognition and the backing they deserve.  This initiative serves as a product distribution around the world and ensures that these solutions are recognized and used for their full potential to benefit the greater society. It can be considered as a global service rather than a profit making project.

The younger generation of the 21st century is highly talented, intelligent and vastly rich in technology. They have a good understanding of how to live and survive in today’s world. They have the ability to reach out to the whole school – from the school classroom, from the school to the countryside – to the whole country and from there to the global platforms.

Today, the whole world faces various challenges and global crises. The youth must intervene to control these global crises as well as strengthen the Sustainable Development Goals which are formed to cater to the whole world in achieving a better and a sustainable future for all.

The younger generation of the country has a keen interest in creating new products and services, offering solutions to a vast clientele of all kind of industries backed by the new technological knowledge they possess, tagged together with their creative mindsets. As they become more and more aware of the technological advancements, they are encouraged to constantly innovate. Young entrepreneurs act as intermediaries in imparting technological knowledge to the people of the country and then to the world.

They have identified various technological gaps in the country at present. For instance, they believe that the optimum use of the internet has not been explored in Sri Lanka to contain the pandemic by creating awareness and accurate information. Whereas, unnecessary and false information have been circulated creating chaos and panic amongst the general public instead of using it to create a positive impact.

The younger generation was born at a time when the technology is powerful and is widely in use. Thereby, the youth can and they do, make a huge impact on the society by offering solutions to various loop holes in the day to day challenges. The technology advances each day – each minute. It is essential to be an updated entrepreneur.

The era of Corporate Social Responsibility is long gone. This is the era of impact. From disruption in health care industry, access to quality education, access to clean drinking water to solutions for plastic waste issue, we see a lot of great ideas coming up from Sri Lanka’s perceptive. These are indigenous ideas coming from young entrepreneurs. However, most these are cornered and do not reach the next level due to lack of guidance and support from all parties involved. This needs to be changed. Sooner the better, cause the youth are impatient to reach the pinnacle with their innovative solutions and cater to the entire world.

We are in this world for a short period of time and we need to be remembered for the impact that we created and not the success we have achieved. Success is very relative. Impact is more permanent.

Author- Imesha Thushani

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