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Why the youth matter in tackling global challenges!

The world has faced with unprecedented challenges such as climate change which is a dire threat to human existence. To make thing worse, COVID 19 pandemic erupted forcing the entire world to a standstill and an inevitable economic recession. These global challenges have summoned the attention of each individual to rearguard action considering it as a social responsibility. The world has witnessed industrial revolution, economic revolutions and various other revolutions, but is yet to experience the social revolution which is the need of the hour.

The youth are the catalysts for the so-called social revolution. The reason being, they were born in to a fully connected, digitally empowered world that helped in shaping them as socially conscious individuals.  They are the ones who are actively engaged in social media, form groups and speak of these challenges, especially on climate change as they are more akin with nature. They are the ones who are brimming with actionable ideas and have the potential to become future leaders and social entrepreneurs. These youth activists have a growing understanding of the deep connection between humans and earth. What is more integral about them is that they are always willing to learn and unlearn and reset themselves.

Technology has not only helped in creating a digitally inclusive world, but it has bestowed many resources which humans can utilize in addressing the global challenges. Access to information has made everyone aware of the global challenges and that exposure has urged everyone to take some sort of action against global challenges. Technology has paved the way for new innovations netting like-minded individuals into a single platform where they can collaborate in driving impactful change. Creating impact is the key in this day and age and it could be maximized through a community rather than through an individual contribution.

The youth have the potential to become social entrepreneurs drive impactful change as they are willing to take risks to make a difference in the world. The initiatives they take are not of profit motive and are solely focused on tackling global challenges. The world needs more of social entrepreneurs who are ready to take on the global challenges. It is time that the youth put their hands up in creating a favorable habitat for living.

The humans who tried to conquer the earth thinking that the earth belongs to them have now understood that they cannot act against the law of nature. These global challenges are a wake-up call to everyone including authorities to listen to the youth activists and collaborate with them to turn their ideas into actions.

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