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Insights on highly sought-after Media Monitoring services in Sri Lanka

Media Monitoring is one of the highly demanding services, which enables brands and businesses to get to know about specific brand mentions, competitor news, market sentiment and beyond. As a segment closely linked to PR and its adjacent services, Media monitoring is not something new for the corporate sector. Traditional Media monitoring services have been in use since a long time for tracking all media channels including Print, electronic, online and social media by a media monitoring team. However, this particular segment saw rapid strides with the adoption of new technologies. Today, corporates who seek Media monitoring services can experience fully automated and hybrid media monitoring services that prove to be highly accurate and with fast delivery. It is observed that a combination of an innovative Media monitoring tool and an expert media monitoring team is more productive to provide more client / industry oriented media monitoring services.

Why is media monitoring important?

Information is shared at a rapid phase across multiple platforms at present. The surge in the usage of tech devices has made everyone sit on the edge of information access 24/7. Today, brands are often exposed to the media like never before. In fact, they cannot do away without the media. This exposure also leads to the burst of crises and keeps the reputation of brands and businesses often tested. Hence, Media monitoring services are essential more than ever with the expansion of electronic media and social media networks.

Benefits of Media Monitoring services

Media monitoring services offered by PR Agencies enable a particular company to gain a comprehensive view of a brand’s presence across all platforms such as Print, Electronic, Online and Social Media. It also helps organisations to get a clear understanding of the target audience with the help of the analytics provided by media monitoring teams.Seeking professional media monitoring services ensures that a company receives tracking updates on time, so that the businesses do not need to search for news by themselves which is time saving and convenient while allowing them to focus better on their businesses. Media monitoring teams play a vital role during crises by staying alert of the situation and providing 24/7 monitoring to support the crisis response initiatives. This service also helps organisations to gain a broader view of their industry and competitors which constantly assists the brands to build their businesses with a competitive edge.

Different scenarios in Media monitoring services

Media monitoring is closely linked with several other services offered by PR Agencies. The services such as Reputation management and Crisis management involve a great deal of effort of Media monitoring teams. Brands can also expect international media monitoring, competitor tracking, analysis and more with the help of a reputed media monitoring team. When it comes to media monitoring teams, they are capable of providing highly efficient and customized services to suit the requirements of clients. The reporting aspect includes daily, weekly, monthly reports while special updates and negative news are provided on an immediate basis – all provided with comprehensive details in reader-friendly and easily accessible formats.

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