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Are you reaching your target audience on Social Media

There is currently over 1 Billion people who are signed up on Facebook specifically only. Twitter, Instagram, TikTok and other platforms are recording staggering increases in numbers over the years and it also is continuing to grow. The era of the smartphone has provided people with the luxury of 24/7 connectivity with people across the seas. We live in an era where it is harder to find people NOT on social media. That is how deep into the digital space we are currently in. While we all know of the pros and cons of the internet, have you taken a step back in recognizing your professional content on the digital space? Have you ever asked yourself if you were reaching your target audience on Social Media? Well, you’re probably not.

The Instagram algorithm changes in sequences and is a platform that itself is growing too, so to think that we are constantly reaching our target audience wouldn’t be right.

Approximately 20% of the entire world population are active on social media frequently. That is 1/5th of the entire world. It’s a no-brainer that your target audience should be somewhere there in the mix, but that’s where the issue lies… that mix is an incredibly large pond. This is where ‘targeting’ comes in handy. Targeting makes your job easier on the digital platform. Focusing your attention on specific social media platforms for specific tasks makes things convenient. Platforms have customized tools to help you get your content delivered to key areas.

Facebook is the unfathomable giant of social networks, dipping their fingers and acquiring most of the popular social media platforms out there. As over One Billion people use Facebook, it only makes sense to run Ads through Facebook Ads as it is a reliable and logical tool to market out your product or business service to your key target areas.

Statistics show that Facebook sees around 400 to 600 million active users each day and in line with this, you can almost assure that your business ad should reach a couple of thousand views through it. Although, whether or not the audience engages with the post lies with how creative and persuasive you are. Optimize your ads to make people interested in what you actually have to sell too without just having the visual thrill of it only. One of the most effective ways to optimize your ads is by incorporating keywords into the ad copy.

Make your ads relevant and have it contain keywords that bring high value as well so you can optimize them and get the best use of it. This is also a great way to procure a higher volume of individuals to see your post. Targeting is the best tool to convert views into clicks as well cause the targeted ads help find the right individual or the most suited individual to what you are selling or providing.

Targeting your audience through demographic mapping can also help you target individuals of the right caliber. Demographic is a certain characteristic which is shared by a specific group of people. The most common and highly used demographic on social media is… Age. Many social media sites have this option and it helps your target audiences based on that demographic. For example, if you were selling crop tops or ripped jeans, you would rather target the ages of 18-30 cause you more likely to find a higher number of individuals interested in your product within this specific demographic. Having an idea of your potential age group will assist in identifying your demographic target.

You can further use the demographic targeting to break down your target areas by race, gender, location, age and more. The thing to keep in mind while carrying this out is the potential behind it which only comes through proper market research. Always have a plan laid out so you know where and when to tackle your demographics appropriately and successfully. Many business owners make the mistake of placing random ads online and are discouraged by the results. Take control of where your ads are promoted and who you want clicking on the buttons.

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