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A Corporate Writer’s Mindset

By Vidura Prabath

Writing is a subjective affair and is often influenced by emotions, viewpoints and the world around us. However, we as writers need to be careful when presenting our ideas. The reason being readers interpret our piece of writing in different ways. The interpretations of ten readers might not be the same, so it is our duty as corporate writers to present our ideas clearly and to the point as much as possible. A good piece of writing, be it a press release, blog article or a feature article / report, is always an outcome of a focused and a stress-free mind. Let’s discuss what we, as writers, can do to make our corporate articles look good.

Know your target audience
Our piece of writing always needs to address a particular audience. So it is important that we clearly define the target audience and address that audience through out the article. Identifying the target audience helps us to better construct the article while staying focused. It also lets us decide what terminology to use in our writing. For example, if you are targeting your piece for the youth, you can probably switch to a more tech-savvy terminology. When you know your target audience, you can also focus your research based on that.

Remember to make your piece newsworthy
Corporate writing always demands newsworthiness. Are we compelled to read a piece of writing that carries ordinary information? The answer is ‘no’. What we need to read is something new to cater to our curious minds. In fact, newsworthiness means keeping the curiosity intact. As a writer, if you can for a moment become a reader yourself and read the entire piece of writing, you will understand whether it needs more application to be newsworthy and also whether it’s reader friendly.

Be careful when presenting personal opinions
You are in a writing mode and suddenly ideas flow. But you need to be careful when converting them to words. We can present our personal opinions to some extent, only after a thorough research about the topic. The most recommended way is to use trustworthy sources and include facts and data from them while mentioning the source. We can also avoid a lot of exaggerations and maintain a level of professionalism throughout the article.

Do not let your emotions overpower
Corporate writing does not advocate even a subtle criticism. We should not intend to tarnish the image of any person or party. To be on the safe side and also to be true to ourselves, the more we can avoid presenting controversial ideas, the better it is for all parties.

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